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Life Lessons from Groot

So, here we are. It’s that time of year again. The school year is drawing to a close and that means graduation season is upon us. It’s the time when we love to give students advice, with the likes of … Continue reading

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No Regrets?

Paging through a High School Year Book inevitably among the many messages from the graduating class you’ll see two words “no regrets.” Whether we are 18, or 88, we all long to live a life filled with “ No regrets.” … Continue reading

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Of Tolkien and Legends

It’s true. We really do live in the “Golden Age” of nerd culture. Look at the slate of comic book, fantasy, and sci-fi films that hit the theaters each year. Notice how superhero TV shows, which were once considered the … Continue reading

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Days of Christmas Future Past

“‘Bear but a touch of my hand there,’ said the Spirit, laying it upon his heart, ‘and you shall be upheld in more than this!’ As the words were spoken, they passed through the wall, and stood upon an open … Continue reading

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The Longest Ride

There comes a moment in every person’s life where the everything seems to crash down. Moments like these are more frequent then we’d like to admit. One minute your life is all good and normal and you feel like “Everything … Continue reading

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As the first spring storms of the season blew through the Twin Cities Metro, I felt that old familiar pull in my chest. It’s a sensation that has become all too familiar over the past ten years whenever it storms. … Continue reading

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“Some People Juggle Geese!”

One thing that has been said to me as I’ve approached my birthday is that it’s the age where it hits you that you have to “grow up.” I won’t reveal it here, but let’s just say it’s one of … Continue reading

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