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Good Grief! : Celebrating Peanuts #6: Schroeder

One of the most common names for a municipal theater is “Orpheum” derived from the Greek mythological figure, Orpheus, who was legendary for his music. Tales of antiquity tell of his great love, Eurydice and how he went down to … Continue reading

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Good Grief! : Celebrating Peanuts # 1: Charlie Brown

The comic section of the newspaper has been a home to everything from talking cats to blundering army privates, to trouble making kids. There’s been strips about the work place, strips about a large family, and slightly plump woman and … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Everyone has a list of must watch Christmas specials. It’s a necessary thing  to have in my household when my mother owns over 100 Christmas movies and specials on DVD. Thus, there are some  I am at fine with skipping … Continue reading

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