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Tis a Gift…

Around this time of year, there’s an old Shaker Hymn that is frequently heard called “Simple Gifts.” You probably know the tune and have heard the lyrics, but in case you haven’t here they are:   “‘Tis the gift to … Continue reading

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Life Finds A Way: Celebrating the Jurassic Park Franchise #1: Dr. Alan Grant.

When we first meet Dr. Alan Grant in the film Jurassic Park, we have learned form a conversation between InGen’s Lawyer Donald Generro and another paleontologist working in an Amber mine that the company really wants him to come down … Continue reading

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Coming Soon To This Blog…

How does one possibly follow up a blog series looking at Steven Spielberg’s beloved classic E.T.? Why, with a trip to an island, of course. But not just any island. It’s sort of a biological preserve, filled with creatures that … Continue reading

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