28 Love Songs that I Actually Like

Long time readers will no doubt remember one Valentine’s Day I did a post about anti-Valentine’s Day songs. Some may wonder if this means I am vehemently against love. Not true. So you may wonder, are there any love songs that I do actually like?

Well here they are! Rule of thumb: if it comes from a movie associated with nerd culture, I’m probably going to like it. I decided to limit my list to 28 songs, being that Valentine’s Day falls in February and in a typical year February has 28 days.
Also, this time, I’ve even included a Spotify Play list!

1. “Can You Read My Mind”-Composed by the irreplaceable John Williams for the film Superman The Movie, this theme is first heard when Superman and Lois Lane first fly together over the streets of Metropolis. It’s beautiful, romantic, and holds up much better than the obligatory disco remixes that came out in the 70s. Sure, Lois’s tone poem seems cheesy, but it perfectly captures how this cynical reporter is caught up in the rapturous feelings she has developed for this strange visitor from another planet.

2. “Feather Theme” from Forrest Gump. Sure it’s not really a “love theme” per say, but it does fit perfectly with Forrest’s undying and unconditional love for Jenny despite how she treats him.

3. “Across the Stars”- Another John Williams song, this one came from the Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. It has the tragic feel of Tchaicovsky’s ballet Romeo& Juliet with the sense of longing in Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”. The perfect theme for a pair of star crossed lovers.

4. “Han Solo and the Princess” The third theme from John Williams on this list. And the second Star Wars theme, this one from Empire Strikes Back. If “Across the Stars” perfectly captures the star-crossed lovers story, then “Han Solo and the Princess” feels more at home with the old war-time romance stories of the World War II era where these two people caught up in this great conflict, despite all odds, and perhaps because of their time in the trenches together find love.

5. Aniron- This theme serves as the love theme for Aragorn and Arwen in The Lord of the Rings. I think I’ll let the lyrics, translated from Sindarin Elvish speak for themselves “From darkness I understand the night: Dreams flow, a star shines Ah! I desire Evenstar. Look! A star rises out of the darkness. The song of the star enchants my heart. Ah! I desire…”

6. Main Title from Corpse Bride-Much like the movie itself, there is a haunting beauty to this song. Another solid collaboration by director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman.

7. “Moonlight Sonata”-While everyone loves his Fur Elise, I think Beethoven’s greatest love theme is Moonlight Sonata. It’s a perfect ode to the nightly longing for that special someone.

8. “We Have All The Time In The World”-Recorded by Louis Armstrong for the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This is one of the only two James Bond themes that do not occur during the big, splashy opening number, and for good reason. This song occurs midway through OHMSS as the iconic superspy actually falls in love for the first time. It perfectly captures the feeling of when you find true love who it genuinely feels like you do have all the time in the world.

9. “My Freeze Ray”-Show of hands guys, who of you hasn’t felt a bit like Dr. Horrible in this song from Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog how he has a device to give him just the right amount of time to figure out how to tell the girl he loves how he feels about her.

10. “Glory of Love”-Peter Cetera’s power ballad from one of the Karate Kid sequels. It seriously put the “power” in “power ballad”.

11. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”- It’s from The Lion King, one of the best Disney movies ever. It’s a standard at weddings. It’s a standard at Valentines. And who am I to argue with conventional wisdom?

12. “Kiss From a Rose”-This song by Seal first debuted in 1994, and was featured on the soundtrack for Batman Forever the following year. It’s a really pretty song that describes how….ah, what the heck, can I be honest? The reason I like this song is the association with Batman and anything associated with Batman becomes 60% more awesome. C’mon, the association with Batman is why me and every other kid who ever saw the 1960s Batman wants a fireman’s pole in their closet that leads down to the basement even though it serves no practical purpose.

13. “Signal Fire”-Sure Spider-Man 3 is perhaps the most maligned Spider-Man film, but this song by Snow Patrol really does serve as Peter and MJ’s love theme. Throughout the trilogy the other is always standing right in front of each other, and often time, that true love is going to be in plain sight, ready and waiting to pull you to safety and out of yourself.

14. “My Heart Will Go On”-yes this is better known as the love theme from Titanic. I’ll be the first to admit that this song, composed by the late James Horner with lyrics by Will Jennings and performed by Celine Dion, was horribly overplayed in 1997 and 98. However, it has long since become a Valentine’s Day standard. I have to admit, after letting the hype die down, and listening to it again, I can’t help but actually like this song. The Irish music is haunting, and fitting considering the boat was built in Northern Ireland. My thoughts on this song were best expressed by Solomon in the biblical book, Song of Songs, “Many loves cannot quench love, nor floods drown it.”

15. “Somewhere Out There”-Another collaboration by Horner and Jennings, this one from the classic film An American Tail. This one is not just about one person but two people longing for each other and hoping they will find each other. It works perfect for lovers, parents and children and even siblings like in the movie.

16. “Beauty and the Beast”-From the Disney movie of the same name. It’s just a great song. Plus I learned to slow dance by watching that scene.

17. “A Whole New World”- Not since Superman first took Lois Lane flying over the streets of Metropolis has a first flight been so romantic.

18. “Kiss The Girl”-From The Little Mermaid. C’mon, what group of friends hasn’t wanted to break this ditty out to try and coax his shy and awkward buddy to take some initiative in a relationship already.

19. “Fixer Upper”-Sure every 8 year old girl and her mother loves “Let it Go”from Frozen and “Love is an Open Door” is quirky, but my favorite song form the movie was “Fixer Upper”. I like that it’s not describing some handsome dashing prince charming, but rather a guy like me. A guy who’s broken and has flaws, and yet throw some love my way and you’d be surprised. In fact some of the traits of Kristoff describe me to a T! ( Clumpy way I walk, unmanly blondness, lack of social skills…)

20. “Power of Love”-By Huey Lewis and the News. Can I be honest this song really gets to the point of things and describes exactly what love is. Plus it’s from Back to the Future, which is awesome.

21. “Happy Together” the Turtles. No need for analysis .This song is just fun. Especially it’s use in the commercial for SuperSmash Brothers for N64.

22. “Sweet Caroline”-Neil Diamond’s classic. A wedding favorite .No need for a lengthy right up. Bop-bop-bah. This song is so good. (So good! So Good!)

23. “I’m Gonna Be ( 500 Miles)”The Proclaimers classic song perfectly describes the limits of how far any one will go for love and how much no matter what we do, where we go, it’ll all be better by having that person with us.

24. “I Walk the Line” –Johnny Cash’s classic. Doesn’t need my analysis

25. “Can’t help falling in Love ”-Elvis Presley. That is all.

26. “In My Life”-The Beatles. This song works on so many levels.Whether it’s sung by the Beetles or John Denver, it’s the perfect wedding song. However sung by Johnny Cash towards the end of his life, or Paul McCartney now, it ends up tinged with a bit to nostalgia for not only the good old days and those special places, people, and things that they can remember, but for that special someone who may have long sense passed on.

27. “I’m a Believer”-The Monkees.-I like this one mainly because of Shrek.

28. “Hooked on a Feelin’” –Blue Swede. This is one is on here because of Guardians of the Galaxy.

There you have it. 28 love songs that I like. You’re welcome, world!


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