FICTION: What Does Santa Do When He Goes On Break

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my dear readers. During the past few Christmases my family has actually worked as Santa’s helpers. One question that always persists among our quests, after the guys who come up to the set to ask for the time, is why Santa has to go on break and what it is he does. Much of this comes from the kids who hoped they would see Santa right away. To that end, I’ve written a little story for those kids, inspired by their question.


What Does Santa Do When He Goes On Break?




Round about each December, to the mall you may go to visit Jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

You’ve been good, you’ve waited long, you’ve made your list, and now you go to stand in line.

Yet when you get there you may find Santa’s left his throne.

The sign it says that Santa’s gone on break.

45 minutes is all it will take,

but 45 days it seems to you.

Just why does Santa need a break,

and what does he do when he leaves his throne?

A bite to eat he may try and sneak or perhaps he’ll take a nap.

It’s been a busy day and he gets hungry too,

and not to mention tired.

Do you know how far he has to travel to get from home to get you?

Yet other times there’s work to do.

His job is always busy.

You know the song will often tell you how he makes his list and checks it twice.

Not so these days.

He has to check it three and four and even more times

to make sure you’ve been extra good.


Sometimes he will make a jaunt,

back to his home of ice and snow.

He has a magic portal, waiting in the back.

He’ll hop right in and “POOF” he’s gone,

and standing in his winter home.


Then, it’s time to do more work.

He has to feed his reindeer, they get hungry too.

And some can be just down right fussy.

Take Rudolph for example.

That reindeer with a big red-nose is quite the picky eater.

But Santa must make sure he’s eating, and see that he is happy.

The same is true for all the rest.

Dasher, Dancer

Prance, Vixen’

Comet, Cupid

Donner, Blitzen

All reindeer need some TLC.

He also has to check and see that they’re in good shape.

And have been practicing for Christmas Eve .

If just one Reindeer cannot fly

his sleigh may not take off in time.


Don’t forget his other workers!

He needs to check on them as well.

The Elves are working day and night to make the toys and treats for you

and they must pass inspection.

Each toy and treat must be the best,

no third rate work for Ol ‘S. Claus will do.

He must make sure they’re happy too, for their labor is not cheap.


You know that pretty ring you mommy gets?

It’s from the Pole as well.

And Santa must make sure the gems and gold

the dwarves all find are the best in all the land.

He also must make sure his shops and mines are as safe as safe can be.

So his helpers won’t get hurt.


His sleigh must be in good shape too.

Buffed and waxed, cleaned and shinned.

Bells replaced and the rudders greased.

all to help it fly that night.


You know the goblins, creatures ,creepy crawlies, and other monsters from beneath your bed?

Well, sometimes around December,

they like to try and steal Christmas out of malice and of spite.

With trolls and giants they lay siege to Santa’s magic shop.

So Santa he must lead the charge of dwarves and elves

to drive these monsters off to save that special Holiday.


It seems so strange to think it only takes him 45 minutes to finish all this stuff.

But keep in mind he’s Santa Claus.

He gets to every house in just one night, this is no sweat for him.

So just be calm and wait a couple seconds.

Santa will be back you’ll see.

To bring you lots of joy and cheer.

And hear your every wish.


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