Top Thirteen Alternative Valentine’s Songs

Feeling kind a down this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry my friend, I know exactly what you’re going through (as is seen by my list of films). No doubt you’re sick of hearing the exact same love songs on the radio. Maybe your special some one broke up with you last week. Maybe you still haven’t found that some one. Either way here are some songs that are perfect for your Ipod play list.

These songs encapsulate what many of us may honestly feel on Valentine’s Day. It is not so much a slam on the day, as much as an open, honest acknowledgment of the pain and rejection and loneliness that some feel. Now some can move past the point of needing some one in their life and are content by themselves, but others well, others need some music to better help describe their feelings.

It’s only by working through such feelings we can move past them. Music helps. And for songs that have words, feel free to sing along. I’ve chosen the number 13, as it comes before 14, the day we celebrate Valentine’s, better known as Single’s Awareness Day.

  1. “Iron Man” ( Black Sabbath)- Ok, because Ozzy is largely incoherent in the song you can’t understand a word of what he is saying. However this song is just awesome.

2. “Another One Bites the Dust”-Queen. C’mon who doesn’t think this when a friend’s relationship status changes on Facebook?

3. “Imperial March” from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. -John Williams. Whether it’s performed by Metallica, played by the Vitamin String Quartet, or conducted by John Williams and played by the London Symphony Orchestra this song best helps say that “I’m angry”. Plus, need I remind you of the tragic story of Darth Vader? Thought not.

4. Requiem (The Fifth)-Trans-Siberean Orchestra. This rock arrangement of the theme from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is just plain awesome. Kind of like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and “The Imperial March”. It’s like it tapes into your fury and helps you let it out. This song is appropriately called at times “fate knocking on the door.” That’s something we just can’t control. We never know when our fate will come knocking, or where it will lead us

5. “Duel of the Fates”-Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – John Williams. This one makes the list for the same reasons as numbers three and four. Arguably one of the best musical compositions to come out of the Prequel Trilogy, if not the best. Plus it’s perfect for lightsaber duels and everything is better with lightsabers. And that’s a fact.

6. “Parasite” by Leaving Neon from their debut album “All Those Things You Thought You Wanted” this song is the story of a young man who has been heart-broken by a girl. The young man has found someone else, but now the girl who broke his heart is back and she wants back in and won’t let him go, like a parasite. Yet for some reason, he likes it.  If you have yet to discover the music of this really awesome band then run, don’t walk to your nearest on-line dealer and download their music.

7. “Ballad of Serenity AKA Theme from Firefly” –Sonny Rhodes. A short little song. Basically says you can take everything from me, my life, my land, my love, you can destroy everything, but you can’t take freedom away. Kind of like how Fox tried to destroy everything by canceling Firefly. But they couldn’t because Firefly is awesome. Go watch it. Now.

8. “Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash – Show of us, how many of us feel that when we fall in love, that we fall into a burning ring of fire? Thought so. This song can also describe the fate of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, and the plot of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. See my list of movies for more details.

9. “My Eyes”- Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. From Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.- How many of us feel this way on Valentine’s? “Listen close to everybody’s heart? Hear that breaking sound. Hopes and Dreams are shattering apart, and crashing to the ground. I cannot believe my eyes! How the worlds full of filth and lies…”

10. “Lonely Man Theme” from the Incredible Hulk – haunting. Poignant and iconic this song is also known as the “sad walking away music” from the old Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno Hulk TV show. It would play at the end of the series as Dr. Banner would walk down the road, alone. Kind of like how a lot of people feel today.

11. “Theme from Cheers” (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)- C’mon doesn’t everybody, regardless of their situation in life, want to go where everybody knows their name?

12. You Don’t Love Me Anymore-Weird Al”. This song is just funny. You’d think the guy in the song could take a hint, but no. Really, it reminds you that your break up could be worse. Much worse.

13. “Sketch Queen” -By Those Who Were There. Ok, so only about a dozen or so people know this hit by a very obscure group from Minnesota. It tells a harrowing tale of a few guys who well, I can’t tell their story as it is so tragic.  So really, again, it could be worse. You could encounter the Sketch Queen. Sadly, all copies of this song have been lost for all time.


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