In Memorial: The Aurora, CO. Shootings.

Aurora, Co. Memorial Ribbon.

In Memorial.

Honestly, since the news of the tragic shootings broke, I’ve been struggling to come to terms with what happened, and put it to words. After all, I’ve done two complete series on superheroes, I must have something to say. The truth is I can’t. I think of the people who died, and where they died, and I know in my heart that they were people just like me. The only reason they were at that teaser on that night, at midnight, was because they loved Batman. Perhaps if I had meet some of them, we could have even been friends. Who knows. Maybe some of them even read some of my posts. Thanks to the internet, our world has gotten that much smaller that people you don’t even know can read on-line thoughts you wrote on a character you both enjoy.

Maybe it taught them something. Maybe they laughed. Maybe they thought about forwarding it to a friend. Perhaps then, in some strange way, we were “friends”.

I can’t fully imagine what the victims were feeling, nor can I imagine the pain and anguish felt by their families. I only know from experience that something like this hurts. It hurts more then words can fully describe. My thoughts and prayers go with them.

Note: I will not use the media name of “The Batman Killings” or “The Batman Murders”. I firmly believe that to link it with this fictional character, I feel it trivializes the deaths.


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