I was hesitant to write this post, namely as it feels like such a horrible cliché, especially in the blogosphere. Every blogger seems to have do a post about new years resolutions. Being that I am still somewhat new to this, and it being a whole new year, I figured I may as well dip my hand into the New Years resolution blog-post pool.

Normally, I don’t make them, period. Mainly as they tend to be for many people  unobtainable goals that are usually not meet by the next year. The average resolution seems to fizzle out around February. Rather then set a resolution for myself, I try  to find some way to improve myself  each day. That’s not to say I don’t have some big goals. I do, and here they are.

  1. To submit at least one new work in progress for submission.

I know most of you may be thinking, why don’t I make getting a book published my resolution. However there are a lot of external factors beyond me that can affect a publishing company deciding to publish my work. Things like the economy, publishing trends, and a whole host of other things can impact a work being published. However I can at least submit one new work, be it essay, poem, short story or even a novel.

  1.  Update my Blog more.

OK, December was my big month last year .I will try to get at least two posts a month on this thing, if not three. Though some months I could just have more to say then others . I already have a good idea what I’m going to blog about, it’s just a matter of taking initiative to do it.

  1. Improve a few things on the blog. I’m thinking of doings something with the “Influences” Section of this site. Maybe some photos.
  1. Get a logo or banner designed for  my blog. ( can some one help me out?)Something snazzy, and catchy.

That’s it for now folks. Have a Great New Year!


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