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Hey, folks! Sorry it’s been a while. At risk of sounding like this is a lame excuse, the reason I haven’t updated this in a while is very simple. I lost my password. Yeah, I could reset it, but how often do we end up trying to rest a password only to have to re-set it again? Much to say, I found it and I’m back on-line.


I should be getting close to editing my next essay for the Silver Leaves journal. Perhaps I should explain just what is this Silver Leaves and how I cam to write for them. It all started back in 2008. I was visiting the Lord of the Rings fan-site, reading up on all the rumors about The Hobbit movie.

There was no real news updates that day, except one thing did catch my eye. A journal called Silver Leaves the publication for the White Tree Fund, was looking for submissions for their second issue. As I read more, I discovered that the White Tree Fund is an international Tolkien fan society, based in Canada, and that proceeds from the sales of their journal go to help aid various philanthropic organizations ranging from literacy organizations, environmental care, and disaster relief. For example, the sales of issue three went to help relief in Haiti.

It is a fitting name of ever there was one as it is derived from the White Tree of the Kings that grew in the courtyard in Minas Tirith in Gondor according to JRR Tolkien’s legendarium. This tree represented renewal, healing and enduring hope. The leaves of this tree were said to be silver and gave healing.

How fitting then that the first essay I would submit to them would be a reflective essay on the impact of the writings of  CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien on my life. The theme of the journal was the Inklings, a group that both men belonged to during their time at Oxford.

When I first submitted to them I figured it would be “just another fan publication.” Much to my surprise when I received my complimentary copy I discovered that my essay was featured along side many promienant CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien scholars, including Douglas Gresham, CS Lewis step son.

 Here I was, a kid from Minnesota, with an essay along side some one who knew both men personally. I was overwhelmed with excitement.  It’s like Spider-Man being inducted into the Avengers! Who am I to be featured along side such notables?

 However I was not one to just rest on that one essay. They only release an issue of their journal on an annual basis, so it gives me time to work on new essays for them.

 The latest essay for publication is on dragons. I can’t reveal much about my essay now as I want you all to buy a copy of the journal, and read it for yourself. However, I can share a few fascinating facts with you concerning dragons.

1. Did you know that every single culture has had legends about dragons? They even figure into Judeo-Christian imagery in prophetic works as well as poetry.

2.Even comic book characters such as Superman and Iron Man fought dragons in the comic books. Want to know my theories why? Read the essay!

3. The dragon Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon reminds me of my North American Bombay cat, Liberty ( or as he is commonly called, a “black cat”). Ok, that part isn’t in my essay, it’s just something I thought I’d share.

Liberty Toothless

My cat Liberty and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon

4. Dragons are cool. Almost as cool as dinosaurs, if not cooler as dragons can fly and breath fire.

5. On the subject of dragon movies a new movie is out and it has a dragon. It is called The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Want to know more about this dragon? See the movie, in theaters now! ( In 3-D and standard format.)  Also, don’t forget to check out the original novel too!

That’s it for now. Until next time!


PS. I hope you’ll consider buying a copy of the journal or maybe a back-issue or two if you have the money. It really is a great organization and a well done journal and it is worth the purchase. The money goes to a great cause and you can’t beat that!



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